Saivian: Customer retention strategies for new business owners

Customer retention is a key strategy for business owners who have just started or are about to start a new business says Saivian. Often times it’s hard to know what you should or shouldn’t be doing when it comes to your customers and the experience they should have with your business. In this article, we’ll look at seven customer retention strategies that will help companies build strong grassroots relationships that lead to long-term success. We hope that after reading this article you’ll walk away feeling better equipped in how you interact with customers on a day-to-day basis, which eventually will lead to increased profits down the road.

1) Make sure you’re hiring employees who are passionate about customer service.

A company can’t survive without good people behind it and in order to maintain a strong customer retention strategy, you need to make sure the people representing your company are always displaying good attitudes and giving their all when it comes to serving customers. Hire employees who truly care about creating great experiences for every single one of your customers.

2) Keep your promises and over deliver on service.

One of the most important things you can do is keep your promises to customers and consistently provide them with an extraordinary experience that goes above and beyond their expectations. Over delivering on service creates loyal customers who will remember what separates you from your competition explains Saivian.

3) Show transparency when something goes wrong by offering compensation without hesitation

If, despite all your best efforts, something does go awry with a customer, you should show that you care by apologizing and offering them something to compensate for their troubles. Transparency is important because it helps build trust – if people know they can count on your business for good service, there’s a greater chance they’ll come back.

4) Focus on the positive instead of the negative and resolve issues quickly and effectively

When dealing with customer complaints or other problems, focus on what went wrong and how to fix it rather than placing blame on employees by saying “well everyone makes mistakes sometimes”. When things go wrong with customers, it’s best to acknowledge the problem, apologize profusely, articulate what you’re going to do about it moving forward (which includes compensation when warranted), then follow through. If every single time you address a problem and compensate the customer, they’ll remember you.

5) Remember that customer service is never complete

Saivian explains customer service is an ongoing process and it’s not something you can just do once and forget about. It’s important to continually anticipate your customer’s needs, provide them with an exceptional experience (which may include training employees on new products or processes), and follow up to make sure they’re still happy after using your business. When it comes to customer retention, people like doing business with companies who care enough to know their customers’ needs well enough that they can exceed expectations and keep their loyalty.

6) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because there will always be more opportunities for great experiences

Some of the best learning experiences happen when mistakes do occur. Mistakes won’t kill your business and the only way they can is if you make them a big deal. Allow them to impact how you provide service to customers. When things go wrong, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Consider what would make this experience better for them. It will benefit not only that customer but everyone who walks through your door. As well as those who visit your website or call into your business.

7) Thank people for spending their hard earned money with you

Every single transaction is an opportunity for great experiences, so never take any customer interaction for granted. A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way and makes many customers want to come back. And support your company again because you appreciated their business.

8) Don’t assume you know what people want unless you ask

Talking with customers and finding out what they need makes a world of difference. Because it helps you determine if your current products or processes are up to par. If there’s something you can do better to make things easier for them. According to Saivian taking the time to find out how customers think and feel helps create experiences for them that will keep them coming back. assuming, of course, that they think you’re listening to what they have to say!

9) If someone criticizes your company, try not to take it personally

No matter how much effort we put into creating great customer experiences. There will always be people who leave critical comments on social media networks, review websites, and in online forums. Although it’s fine to acknowledge any flaws you might have with your business. Such as, for example, a long wait time at the front counter of a restaurant. Because there aren’t enough employees on board at that specific moment. Try not to take these kinds of comments personally even if they pertain directly to your business. At the end of the day, people go where they receive good customer service and part of their judgment is based on how you (the owner/manager) handle things. When you inevitably come into contact with negative situations involving customers.

10) Take advantage of social media

Saivian says social media can be utilized by growing businesses in very effective ways. Such as: Promoting new products or services Updating customers about things like ‘flash’ sales, discounts, or other time-specific offers Having contests on social media networks Interacting with customers by responding to comments made about your business Providing guests with valuable information that helps them know what to expect when they visit your store/visit your website


Building a successful business takes time and patience. But your determination to make it happen will pay off if you continually provide customers with great experiences.