Saivian: 5 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back For More

When it comes to customer service, all companies want to keep their customers satisfied says Saivian. When a business fails to meet the needs of its clients, there are plenty of other options for consumers. Keeping your customers happy can be difficult, but with these five tips you should see some improvement in your customer retention rate.

Recommendation 1: Follow Through

Follow through with what you promise. If you say your product will arrive by Friday, make sure it gets there on Friday before 5 pm. don’t tell a client that they have until tomorrow at noon to sign the contract and then take it back at 11:59 AM. Being honest goes a long way both during sales and after the sale has been made.

Recommendation 2: Be On Time

Lack of punctuality is one of the biggest causes of customer dissatisfaction. Showing up late to appointments, meetings or events does nothing to impress your clients and can even damage business relationships. Slow responses are another common complaint among customers, whether it is with emails, phone calls, or social media inquiries. Following through on promises keep customers coming back to you instead of going somewhere else where they don’t have to wait around as long.

Recommendation 3: Be Friendly

Friendliness goes a long way in keeping customers happy with your company says Saivian. In some cases, the face of the company is the first point of contact for a customer. If you want people to continue doing business with you make sure that whoever is answering their queries has a positive and friendly attitude. This can easily be done by smiling and making eye contact with the customer, as well as speaking clearly and politely so that there is no problem hearing.

Recommendation 4: Respect Privacy

Respecting a client’s privacy goes a long way in establishing trust and loyalty to your company. When someone does business with you they are entrusting their information into your hands, whether it be banking info or social security numbers. If you need any of this type of information from a client don’t ask them for it right away, just let them know that you will need it at some point to complete the task. That shows that you care about their safety which directly correlates to gaining trust, something every business owner wants.        

Recommendation 5: Keep Promises

Keeping your promises is just as important as following through. If you tell the client that they will have something by a certain day, give it to them on that date or earlier. Saivian says, by staying true to what you say, clients know that you care about their business and are willing to do whatever it takes in order for them to benefit from doing business with your company.

Here are some FAQs recently asked from our Customers:

FAQ 1:     How can I have a long term business relationship with you?

Answer:  It is easy and simple, we will do time free sample for you and if the Sample order and bulk order satisfy you and make you happy, we hope we can keep the long-term business relationship together answers Saivian.

  FAQ 2: Can I ask some samples before bulk orders?

Answer: Yes, of course. You can tell us which items you’re interested in, and then we sent some samples to you as a test with freight collected as this is just a way of sampling cost. After that, if the customer decides to place a big order, we refund the sample fee included the shipping cost.

  FAQ 3: What about Shipping Time?

Answer: We always try our best to send your shipment on time, we will update the shipping information at least 3 days before we ship. And we use sea freight for most of the order with very good and reasonable price, in some special cases like a holiday or due to some custom limitations like an open package, etc, we may require to air-freight and this will be in contract and agreement when you place the order.

In accordance with how many customers have been asking us these questions, we have written down the best ways to work with our company and maintain a long-term business relationship.


Following these five simple rules when dealing with customers can directly affect your profit margin explains Saivian. Every little thing goes a long way in customer service so if you follow these suggestions you should see an increase in sales and repeat customers. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us! Your internet marketing strategy is either just about to get a start or complete fail thus far and you might be losing money due to a lack of knowledge on how internet marketing really works.

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