Saivian Eric Dalius: 6 Trends in Marketing That Will Support Your Successful Growth Plan

As per Saivian Eric Dalius, marketing is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to grow your company. After all, marketing is how companies spread the word about what they do. If you are not marketing your business correctly online, then potential customers will most likely never discover your brand. On the other hand, marketing can be a scalpel that helps grow your company.

Here are marketing trends that will help you support your successful growth plan:

1). Videos marketing

Videos marketing is an important marketing trend that companies should be taking advantage of. People love watching videos, and it’s one of the most efficient ways to communicate with customers about what you do. YouTube marketing can be very effective because people often go to the site looking for videos.

2). Social marketing

Social marketing is another marketing trend that is quickly becoming an essential marketing tool. The two biggest social networks right now are Facebook and Twitter, but there are many other networks companies should be marketing on as well. You can find more information here: 10 New Social Media Sites That Businesses Should Be Using.

3). Content marketing

Content marketing is another marketing technique that companies should be focusing on. People love checking out online content as it provides them with helpful information and entertainment. You can check out this blog post: The Best Online Marketing Strategies to learn more about content marketing. Another trending marketing trend is including interactive marketing in your marketing strategy. Interactive marketing, such as contests, rewards programs, and quizzes, is marketing that engages people with your business.

4). Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is another marketing trend that should not be ignored. Although mobile marketing might seem like it is taking over the marketing scene, there are still many companies that do not market on mobile devices. More people than ever are using their smartphones to access the internet, and marketing on mobile devices helps businesses take advantage of this fact.

5). Marketing automation

Marketing automation is another marketing trend that companies should be using. Also, Marketing automation includes marketing software that allows marketers to put marketing campaigns together in an automated fashion says Saivian Eric Dalius. Once marketing automation is up and running properly, marketers can spend more time focusing on selling their products instead of marketing them. If you are looking for marketing automation software, there is a free marketing automation comparison guide here.

6). Email marketing

Saivian Eric Dalius says email marketing is another marketing trend that companies should take advantage of. Many business owners get frustrated with marketing their companies online because they feel like no one subscribes to the marketing materials they send out. However, if you are using email marketing correctly, then your marketing emails will be seen by a lot of people daily.

If marketing automation is implemented correctly, marketing emails can be sent out automatically without human involvement.


Marketing is becoming more and more important for companies marketing their businesses online. These marketing trends prove to increase marketing success, so they will no doubt support your successful growth plan. By taking advantage of these marketing trends, you will be able to effectively market your business online.

Some people think marketing automation software is an email marketing tool, but marketing automation is much more than that. marketing automation allows marketing managers to automate marketing tasks such as email marketing, lead management, and social media marketing.