Saivian Eric Dalius: Is being an entrepreneur for everyone?


An entrepreneur’s life is short of security, high risk and uncertain about income. Many people are still debating whether being an entrepreneur is for everyone or not says Saivian Eric Dalius. There are some people including the top 1% richest men in the United States who say that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone because there are many risks involved.

Some people find that it is easy to be an entrepreneur while others think that it requires a lot of sacrifices. The real story lies somewhere between them both. According to “Is Being Entrepreneur for Everyone?” there are four conditions that should be considered before starting a business, which are financial condition, management skill, family support, and personal belief/attitude. If anyone has any one of these conditions unsatisfied then he or she should better stay away from starting a business.

Financial condition:

A large part of the financial condition depends on natural talent, but it is quite obvious that being an entrepreneur requires a lot of capital to start a business. As there are many risks involved, one cannot place all his/her capitals in the same basket so he or she must have enough savings for many years.

Management skill:

Managing is a completely different skill from doing research or engineering work in a company because being an entrepreneur means taking responsibility for every single task and decision making. A person should have managerial skills to oversee everything in a proper way in order to survive in this competitive environment. Family support: Some people may find it difficult to leave families behind after employment while some others may find it too easy because they can easily manage their time between family and work. One should consider the possibility of involving in entrepreneurship only after getting full support from his/her family if he/she doesn’t want to face any kind of difficulty.

Personal belief: Entrepreneurship is a matter of faith and confidence rather than having proper skills or capital. It requires enough motivation, determination, and hope for starting a business. From people who have a strong belief in themselves as well as others. Even a person with high intelligence may fail to succeed as an entrepreneur. If he does not have enough conviction towards himself or anything else. So this factor should never be neglecting before starting a business independently.

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In conclusion, being an entrepreneur will be successful. If one has a strong financial condition, management skills, family support, and the right personal belief/attitude. However, before starting a business one should consider his/her primary condition. Based on which he or she will be able to judge whether being an entrepreneur is for everyone or not says Saivian Eric Dalius.

My opinion: I agree that one’s primary conditions must be considering. Before starting any kind of business including entrepreneurship because there are many risks involving in this field. Even Bill Gates himself said that every young person wants to start their own company. Should go back to school first so they won’t have to worry about anything else at all.

Saivian Eric Dalius says a lot of people think that entrepreneurs are rich but reality shows us something different. Most successful entrepreneurs had failed before reaching where they are now. Unless you have the knowledge and skills to run a business, your venture will likely fail anyway. You can’t simply quit your day job and start making millions of dollars overnight. Because no one is going to give it to you; it doesn’t work like that. It requires hard work, determination, persistence. Passion for what you do along with an insane belief in yourself. Before starting something completely new that’s never been done before without relying on anyone else besides you.